Venue Amenities

Welcome to Top Gun Orlando’s amazing new training facility. We designed the entire venue to create an atmosphere and experience that was unparalleled in the cheer industry. We wanted to combine a new state-of-the-art training area with a chic look and fine finishes that you would find in a high-end hotel or spa. We hope you will schedule a tour to see all the features that our new masterpiece has to offer! 


Come find what you were looking for in Top Gun Gear and also find the unexpected. Our “boutique” style pro shop will leave you wondering why you don’t wear Jag Wear every day! You will love the chandeliers that can be seen shining bright at night from outside the front of the venue.

TG Cafe & Coffee Bar

Come join us for a variety of coffee drinks as well as a revolving selection of small meals and grab-and-go snacks and drinks that will leave your taste buds asking for more. There is plenty of seating to enjoy the view of the training area while you enjoy your treats!

Parent Viewing Area

Comfort and quiet were what we wanted to create for those parents that love to hang out and watch “The Show”. With 8 mounted large screen TVs, to get close-up views of all the training areas, as well as a 50’ wide viewing window, parents are sure to catch both team practices and all of the new skills being learned in the Olympic Style tumbling area.

Top Gun
Fun Patio

The large concrete patio area has six 8-top commercial round tables with charming umbrellas to create a space for athletes and parents to get away and enjoy the Florida outdoors on a practice night. It has easy access and is located just outside the pro shop and coffee bar. Lining the patio area is nearly an acre large Bermuda grass field that can be used for both hanging out or Top Gun practices and activities!