Gold Vibes Only Training Facility

Cheerleaders WILL NEVER FORGET the first time they
walk through the doors leading into Top Gun Orlando 

·Immediately you will see 2 large parallel in-ground trampolines

·To your left you will see the Star Warriors Ninja Zone

·The left wall has our 40’ wide mirror to teach and fine tune our performances

·We have 4 brand-new birch wood spring floors all connected to create a massive super floor

·Also, inside you will find 2.5 “dead” floors all adjacent to the spring floors

·The Top Gun Show floor has been outfitted with STAGE LIGHTING to simulate competitions

·The SONOS stereo system throughout allows both individual floor or gym wide music

·30’ ceilings, LED lighting, and a top-of-the-line cooling system for those hot summer FL days

Top Gun Tumble Area

This one of a kind Olympic Style training area is where all the magic happens. Coaches are able to transition both beginner and advanced athletes through multiple training surfaces and landing areas allowing them to maximize their efforts towards mastering technique and learning new tumbling skills!

·Jag Bag – This innovative custom-made stunt bag from BAGJUMP creates a 20’ x 18’ landing area giving athletes a firm but receptive landing area to take their tumbling to the NEXT level.

·In-Ground ResiMat System – This 20’ x 18’ in ground system of ResiMats gives athletes the confidence they need to feel safe and land their skills.

·Two 50’ in-ground tumbl traks (landing in both JAG BAG and ResiMat System)

·Two 50’ air tracks (landing in both JAG BAG and ResiMat System)

·Two 50’ spring strips (landing in both JAG BAG and ResiMat System)

·Two 50’ rod floors (landing in both JAG BAG and ResiMat System)

·One 90’ power tumble strip landing in the JAG BAG)

·Two in-ground adjacent trampolines creates all kinds of training options